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Cataract Treatment

A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision.

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Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is one of the major causes of blindness.

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Retina Treatment

Retina is the innermost layer of the eye and is light sensitive in nature.

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Cornea Treatment

Cornea is the front part of the eye ball which is transparent and watch glass shaped.

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Dr. Hanumant Karad

Dr. Hanumant Karad

Dr. H.T. Karad is an eminent Eye Surgeon, Educationist, devoted teacher dedicated social worker and astute thinker.

Dr. H.T. Karad is an eminent Eye Surgeon, Educationist, devoted teacher dedicated social worker and astute thinker. He is committed to Medical Profession and society at large Netra Pratisthan founded by him is an example of service above self. He believes that humanity is religion and service to poor and needy is worship of god.

Dr. SaurabhKarad

Dr. Sourabh Karad

Dr. Sourabh Karad is an junior consultant at D S Karad Eye Institute, Latur, Asst. professor at Department of Ophthalmology, YC Rural Hospital, Latur.

Since childhood having seen his father treat blind patients, Dr. Sourabh choose specialization in Ophthalmology because of his passion for eyesight and dedication to this area. He did MS in Ophthalmology at MIMER medical college, Talegaon (D), Pune in one of the oldest eye hospitals from the region.

Dr. VarshaKarad

Dr. Varsha Karad

Dr. Varsha Karad is an Consultant doctor with D S Karad Eye Institute & YCR hospital, Assistant professor with MIMSR medical college & hospital, Latur

Dr. Varsha got inspired to do specialization in ophthalmology by looking at the tireless effort of her professor-ophthalmologist to use his knowledge to help all of patients. And from there her masters degree from MIMSR medical college, Latur helped bolster her true passion and talents to restore or improve a person's vision through corrective eye surgery.

  • My new life 
    Mr. Sayyed has a good vision in his left eye as hospital has restored his vision. He again started his earning activities, now living his life happily with dignity. Mr.Sayyed was grateful to the staff and doctors of D. S. Karad Eye hospital for restoring his vision.
    Mr. Sayyed Rassol
  •   Big Relief
    Ms. Sangita is very happy. She said that now she can see the things clearly. Sangita and her daughter both were thankful to almighty and to D. S. Karad Eye Hospital for giving a meaning for her life.
    Ms. Sangita Sanghve
  • Gaining the lost confidence
    He got free treatment from D. S. Karad Eye Hospital and his right eye vision was restored now. He thanked D. S. Karad Eye Hospital for giving him Sight and Life to see the world again, which he never expected. Now he is very happy as he can do the business as usual and earn enough to support his wife instead of depending on her.
    Mr. Sandipan Kanase
  • Life and Light
    Ms. Dayabai is very happy person that she can see the things clearly through her Right Eye. She was grateful to D. S. Karad Eye Hospital staff for giving her the life and Light of Vision to see the world again.
    Ms. Dayabai Kadam